Student Travel Award Applications

Student Travel Awards for the 2024 meeting of the Behavior Genetics Association are due by March 29, 2024. Awards will be based on perceived need and scholarly merit. The number of fellowships awarded and amount of each award will be determined by the Program Chair (President-Elect), Dr. Chandra Reynolds. Please note that no geographical constraints apply to eligibility for the awards. To be eligible for a fellowship, applicants must:


  • Be an associate member of BGA or be in the process of applying for membership (i.e., an application for associate membership must be submitted on or before March 15, 2023). NOTE: Travel awards are intended to support predoctoral associate members. In rare instances (e.g. recent graduation), a postdoctoral applicant may be considered, however, in general, postdoctoral members are encouraged to apply for regular membership upon graduation.
  • Submit an abstract by February 16, 2024.
  • Agree to attend substantially all of the BGA meeting if funds are awarded.
  • Submit a C.V. and include a copy of the abstract with the application materials.
  • Submit a letter of endorsement from the associate member’s adviser/sponsor which addresses (a) the applicant’s orientation toward a career that incorporates behavioral genetics; (b) the applicant’s financial need for the award; and (c) how residual costs of attending the conference will be covered. Endorsement letter may be included with the other materials or emailed separately by the adviser/sponsor.
  • Present a poster or oral paper (as first author) at the meeting.


All applicants should send a copy of the abstract, along with a C.V. and letter of endorsement from a sponsor to the Program Chair, Dr. Chandra Reynolds ( by March 29, 2024.


Fuller and Scott Early Career Award

The Behavior Genetics Association presents the Fuller and Scott Award at its annual meeting for outstanding scientific accomplishments by a member who is early in their career. The Fuller and Scott Award honors John L. Fuller and John Paul Scott for their seminal roles in the history of the Association and of the field. To be eligible for the Award, individuals must be current members in good standing of the Behavior Genetics Association, and must be within seven years full-time equivalent of receiving their terminal degree (e.g., Ph.D., M.D.). Please note any career disruptions or time out-of-role in the nomination letter. Nominations for the Fuller and Scott Award can be made by any member of BGA and we encourage self-nominations. To nominate someone/apply for the Award, please email a brief letter explaining why the individual should receive the award, along with a copy of the nominee’s CV, to the BGA Secretary, before March 29, 2024. The final decision will be made by the Association’s Award Committee, which is composed of the three immediate past Presidents, and the award will be presented at the banquet at the annual BGA meeting. Questions may be directed to: